natsuki tsukagoshi × So Fujii 

an illustrations and icing cookies exhibition

『I'm with you』


Following the great success of ‘The Pets You Love’ by illustrator So Fujii, the Sway Gallery London is delighted to announce the opening of ‘I’m with you’, an exhibition where So Fujii teamed up with Tokyo-based icing artist Natsuki Tsukagoshi to deliver a new view of ‘The Pets You Love’, using different materials, yet following the same theme.


This exhibition is divided into two parts

The first part has Pets as the main theme. The two Japanese artists gathered pictures of pets on different social media, and they worked on a unique project, creating two portraits of the same pet, one as an illustration, the other as an iced biscuit. They brought this project to the Sway Gallery because they wanted to share the feelings of the pet owners (love, happiness, joy, sometimes frustration and even sadness).


The second part will take us into the world behind the creation of the picture book ‘I’m with you’, the story of a girl who get lost in the woods and meets all kinds of strange animals.

This is actually an unprecedented collaboration among three artists, So Fujii, the illustrator, Natsuki Tsukagoshi, the icing artist and Kanako Noda, the writer. The original artworks from this picture book are absolutely special, an exceptional combination of different medias that will charm people of all ages.

*The copies of the picture book will be available to purchase at the Sway Gallery.

I'm with you

icing cookies and illustrations exhibition



@sway gallery

70-72,OldStreet LONDON ECIV 9AN



natsuki tsukagoshi × So Fujii 

an illustrations and icing cookies exhibition



OPEN/11:00〜21:00 最終日は17:00まで

@渋谷 gallery LE DECO

東京都渋谷区渋谷3-16-3 高桑ビル3-6階(私たちは4Fでの展示になります) 


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